Founded in 1994, Laconic Enterprise Co. is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of power suppliers, computer cases and servers in Taiwan. We have set up factories in China and have 500 employees so far. We expect to integrate our expertise on computer technology with China marketplace¡¦s competitive edge to improve our product R&D and manufacturing constantly. With skillful employees, superior facilities and well-designed management system, we are able to provide products and services with ISO 9002 level of quality. We are open to different opinions and pursue innovation proactively. As the technology industry gets more and more competitive, we aims to provide value-added products and make steady progress.

Laconic continues to invest heavily on computer peripherals. We introduced industrial computer case and distribute it to many countries such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan and England. We have made it a habit to do market research before we launch a new product. We proactively listen to our customers¡¦ need and focus our efforts around how we respond to them. We want to get closer to our customers and provide them more good products and the highest level of customer satisfaction.     

5F., No. 111-5, Xinged Road., Sanchung Dist,

New Taipei City,Taiwan, R.O.C

TEL: 886-2-85123180 (¥Nªí¸¹)  FAX: 886-2-85123190

Tainan office : TEL:06-33612382  FAX:06-3369632