Model :LS-UF Series

Product profile



- One 120mm Blue UV Fans( with Quad Blue LEDs).
- Power Supply Fan Speed Control via knob on rear.
- Ultra Quiet Operation when Fan Speed set to low.
- Multi-Color Coated lnner PCB and components.
- High Cooling/Ventilation Design(1 direct intake, 1 exhaust).
- Green UV Reactive Wire Sleeving and on Power Plug.
- Power Supply Connectors are all Green UV Reactive.
- Power Supply comes with 4 mounting Thumbscrews.
- Comes with AC Cord.
- Supports:All AMD,Pentium IV,Pentium III and Celeron.
- Auto Thermal Control,sets Fans Speeds higher when needed.
- 100% Burn-In Tested.
- Hi-pot Tested.
- Vibration Tested.
- Leak Current Tested.
- Over Voltage Protection.
- Short Circuit Protection.
- Over Current Protection.
- Large Rear Green UV Reactive I/O Switch.
- Approved by : UL,CSA,CE and TUV.
- Blue , Black,Silver Color
- Dual fan
- Fan speed adjuster

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